How to Read Tarot Cards, do Tarot Horoscope and use Tarot Spreads

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How You Can Learn to read tarot cards, do tarot horoscope and use tarot spreads

You may want to know how to do a tarot card reading. Perhaps you’ve always want to learn how to read tarot cards, or give a tarot horoscope… or perhaps you already know tarot reading and want to learn some more tarot spreads!

Your reading should take place in an undisturbed and calm environment. To give the occasion the respect and consideration it deserves, it is a good idea to do the reading in a home, whether that is your home or that of the person for whom you are reading the cards. Should you wish to conduct a reading out of doors, you should find an area which allows the necessary peace, calmness and privacy that both you and the person for whom you are reading need. You should never conduct a tarot card reading in a public place, because you will attract unwelcome attention and distractions. A tarot card reading is a private and personal matter; it does not require an audience of people, who may project negativity onto the proceedings.

What Is Tarot Horoscope?

You should tell the person for whom you are going to read the tarot cards, in advance of the reading, that s/he should make a written note of any particular questions that s/he would like to ask. You should also tell the person that you are perfectly agreeable to him or her taking notes during the reading, and that any such notes may be useful later, especially if you mention something that is unclear to him or her now but which may become clearer in the fullness of time.

What’s the Best Tarot Spread?

Many tarot card readers prefer to use a special cloth on which to lay the cards. You should tell the person that you are doing this and why you are doing it. You should allow the person for whom you are reading to touch the tarot cards and s/he must shuffle the cards at the beginning of the reading so that his or her energy is transferred to the cards. While the person is shuffling the cards, s/he should concentrate on the questions or situations that s/he wishes to know more about. However, it is important that s/he does not tell you the question until the end of the reading for that particular area of his or her life. This is to avoid influencing your reading and demonstrates that all the information comes directly from the cards rather than any influence from you and it lends further credibility to the reading itself.

A reading is a learning experience and you should explain everything that you are doing and why you are doing it in that particular manner as the reading progresses. You should explain everything including the layout of the tarot cards, the card placements, the meaning of each card and how each card affects the others in the layout to form the complete message.

Should the cards give an unpleasant message, such as a relationship break up in the near future or someone playing the person false or other unfortunate tidings, do choose your words carefully and considerately. It would be very thoughtless to impart such information in a manner that would shock the person for whom you are reading. You should also tell the person for whom you are reading that what the cards illustrate at this particular time is not necessarily what the future holds and that the reading assumes that all the circumstances remain as they are at that particular instant leading to a particular likely outcome. However, actions or inaction can change the outcome, depending upon the particular situation concerned.

How To Learn Tarot Reading Intuitively

Learning how to read tarot is a skill that is often desired by people. Many different decks are available, and they often have comprehensive books with them. Reading these books in one way of going about learning the meaning of your deck, but there are different ways of using tarot cards. You can learn to stretch your intuitive muscles, you can learn to trust your inner voice, which uses your imagination.

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What is tarot horoscope? By: Mike Licht

When learning your deck you need to take each card, and travel into its image. This allows you to trigger the stories and journeys that bring messages that allow you to learn what the card means, and also to aid in your own inner development. Learning to let your deck talk to you, then learning the gain that you gain in your own life is invaluable. Using these two things together, and understanding the symbols that you yourself have, as well as trusting your own intuition gives you the ability to read cards for others. This even works for cards that you have yet to travel into. With experience you will discover that you can look at a card, travel into it, learn its meaning, and do a reading, all without having to meditate, this gives you the ability to heard your own voice, and use it to answer others questions.

In the following article, I will outline the methods that you can use to go into a card, firstly for your own development, and to develop an understanding of the card. In future articles, I will tell you the story of my journeys into my own deck, the Sacred Circle. This is my personal journey, where I ask for direct meanings to each card, as well as my own personal information.

So, to start, take your deck of cards – make sure you choose one that you are drawn to. Find the first card, the fool 0. Start by looking at it closely, make a note of what comes to mind while you look at it, what you like, what you don’t, and the reasons. After a few minutes, when you feel you can remember the cards image you can begin meditating. You don’t have to remember the card in detail, what you forget it part of the intuition what you need to see you will see. Leave any judgment behind, and be open to experience whatever is brought forward. There is no right or wrong here, only your image.

Now it is time to adopt a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Take some deep breathes, as you breathe out try to let go of any worries, or thoughts you have. Only focus inwards. Think of a brilliant white light that is heading from the Earth’s center all the way into your feet, coming into your hips, back, legs, stomach, shoulders and chest. It is spreading down your arms, into your fingertips, and up above your head, so that you are nothing but light. You should name each and every part of you as the light arrives into it. You should see it as a peaceful energy that slowly fills you. After this, imagine a star that is high in the sky, it is sending you a beautiful light, it is entering your head, and filling your body until it lowly reaches your toes. Once again, speak to every part of your body as it is filled with the loving healing energy that comes from the starlight.

Once you are totally consumed with the star and ground light, you need to imagine a staircase in front you. Now walk up the stairs, with every step you are getting lighter in weight. As you reach the top you see the card as a doorway in front you, now you need to go through the door. Be aware of how you feel in the card, be aware of the weather, the temperature, the emotional feel. Make sure you look around and take in the images that are moving, and doing what they do in front you. Allow the scene in front of you to develop into a story, unfolding. You will be able to walk up to any object, animal, or person, you can ask them what the message and meaning of the card are.

You will be drawn to places in the card, allow this to happen, explore them. But remember to ask any questions that you don’t understand. While you may feel like you are making it up, and that its just your imagination, you don’t need to worry about this. Just accept what is in front of you without any judgement. After the journey you can decide what to leave and what to take.

After you feel you have to journeyed through the card enough you should thank the cards characters. You will then see a doorway filled with light in front of you. As you walk through this doorway you will notice that you are at the top of the stairs. Walk down the stairs, gaining weight with each stop. At the bottom you will be back into your bubble of light, and you can bring yourself back to the room.

You should record your journey immediately. Either write it down, or draw it. This way you have a record of how it went, and what message was given to you. After you have done this you should leave it for a week, and see what relevance the message given has to your life. Don’t do it too quickly, a card a week, or even a card a month is enough. This gives each card a chance to work with you. After a visualization like this, you will notice that things will come to you as you sleep, or while you are relaxing, ensure you make note of these. As all this happens a picture will be building of the card, as well as what you should be focusing on in your life.

For a more detailed account of the light visualization, see my websites. Feel free to comment on the article, tell me about your visualizations. You can also read about my previous months card journeys on my website. You can find this under ‘card of the month’. You can also sign up to receive my monthly journey by email.

Learning To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself

The first thing to remember if you want to learn to read tarot cards is that there 8,000 published brands of card available. Not every one will work for every person. While some people will be able to read many different decks, others will be able to just read one. I have learnt that over time, you will learn more decks, move from one to another, and you might find that the deck for you is not the same as the one you use for others.

To give an example, when I first began reading, I started with ‘The Crowley Deck’, this was too heavy for me. Eventually I sold them, because I was too freaked out by the deck’s images. I wasn’t old enough to handle the images the deck provided, they were too dark. After this I switched to the Rider Waite Deck, this is the all-purpose, easy deck. After this I used the Renaissance Deck, which I fell in love with as its imagery is more elaborate, and much more direct with its relationship meanings. After this I wanted more simplicity, so I switched to the Palladini deck, this has a light feeling, and is very pure. As I aged I switched back to the Crowley Deck, and the Order of the Golden Stair deck, as they are more heavier in their feel.

In addition, there are many eclectic or speciality decks available that might be more suited to you than Rider Waite Deck. But learning the Rider Waite is a great place to start, like high school. Bacchus, a Psychic Realm reader, is a fan of the Haindl deck, this has a Nordic feeling, and is a permutation of Rider-Waite. I wouldn’t recommend this as a beginner deck however.

There is a huge range of Tarot Decks online. Do some research, and look for places you can view the different decks online. This is because many storeowners will not allow you to open or handle the deck, as it means you will remove the plastic from the packaging. But there is nothing that beats heading to the store, picking up the deck, and seeing what the cards feel like after you have done your online research. You will often find the weight and look speaks to you. You may feel a connection to the images on the cards, or how they feel in your hand. If so then this is the deck you will relate to. You should also get a deck that comes with a book, this allows you to quickly reference it if you ever get lost while reading.

This is a great tip for beginners! As I started to read Tarot, I typed up a sheet that had the meanings of the card both upside down, and right site up. This allowed them to be visible to be at a glance. You will learn the meanings really quickly as you type the cards out.

Once you have the deck, you should become acquainted with your cards. The easiest way to do this is to study each image, while memorizing the meaning of the card. You need to patient, as there are 78 different meanings to learn so it is not always that fast. Many tarot teachers advise putting the deck of cards under your pillow while you sleep to allow you to develop a better understanding with them. The main idea is that your subconscious can absorb the information like a sponge with water. You can dream, or even meditate with each individual card by putting it under your pillow.

Many people charge their cards when they get them. They do this by meditating or praying over them. They place a crystal on them, or use the smoke of incense, or the light of a full or new moon to charge them.

When you have your own cards, don’t forget to spend some time just looking at the cards. Play with the, and get to know them. It is absolutely vital that you feel good about your cards. In the future, they will be your ultimate allies, and will help you to tell the future.


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